EAM Program

  • In house IT department developed the web-based software, i.e. “EAM” to enable us to store, retrieve and process the workers data including open biodata, personal data, passport expiry date, process the payroll, view the current status of operation activities, generate a report, workers’ accommodation/hostel and etc.
  • This program also consists of the various modules on worker management, hostel & transport management, payroll & billing, purchases and etc.
  • Our “EAM” is running on the web-based system and all branches of offices are linked into the same system and share the same database.


  • E-File has been developed to enable the management and staff to store all workers’ personal files including the employment contracts, company policies, company procedures, passport copy, PLKS copy, memo, consent letters, and related documents.
  • This special facility is provided to our customers as well, whereby the customers who have been given a user ID and password will be able to view, retrieve and print their respective workers’ particulars, work permits, passport copies, calling visas, and employment agreement with ease and speed at any time as it is running on web-based.

How E-Application Works